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Can't get the Day you want?

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.  ~Nora Ephron

Why not surprise your guests and be completely unique by celebrating your special day in the middle of the week?

We hold weddings Monday through to Sunday and whether whether it is an intimate affair or a full gala celebration, all days being very popular.

Not surprisingly, Saturdays are the most popular days of the week at Glengariff – followed by Friday, then Sunday.

But if you can't have a ceremony on a weekend due to minimum guest numbers required, or because of dates not being available, why not be different and have your wedding mid-week?

All of Glengariff's packages can cater for different sized weddings, the maximum being 200 guests.

Enquire now about an off-peak or mid-week wedding.

Minimum Guest Numbers

All our packages can cater for all different sized weddings maximum being 200 guests.

Howver minimum guest numbers apply, depending on the time of year.

Peak Season

March to May & August to December

  • Monday to Thursday 40 Adults
  • Friday and Sunday 65 Adults
  • Saturday 85 Adults

Off Peak Season

January to February & June to July

  • Monday to Thursday 40 Adults
  • Friday and Sunday 50 Adults
  • Saturday 60 Adults

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