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The Best of All Possible Outdoor Engagement Party Venues in Brisbane

Has your daughter come home after an evening out with her boyfriend, gleaming with pride and happiness, and has she just shown you her hand which is now adorned with a sparkling diamond ring? What better way is there to show that you're as happy as she is, and to share this wonderful event with the bride and groom's relatives and friends than to organise an engagement party? And what better way is there to arrange this event at one of the best possible outdoor engagement party venues in Brisbane: Glengariff Historic Estate.

You know what they say about "not losing a daughter" but gaining a son. In the case of an engagement party, you get the opportunity to get to know many people, and - most importantly - the parents of your future son-in-law.?

One of the best outdoor engagement party venues in Brisbane to make you feel on top of the world

A variety of engagement party venues are available in Brisbane and surrounding areas. However, nothing compares to the rich history and exquisite landscape of Glengariff. You can choose a lunch or dinner, in a formal or casual style with our experienced staff at the ready to take care of every detail.

Why should you stay indoors if you can have a vast area of 230 acres at your disposal, offering a splendid backdrop for your party? Using Glengariff Historic Estate includes a lake, waterfall, rose garden, barn, villa and more. Even between December and March, the wettest months in Queensland, the chance of having a dry day exceeds 50%. Should the weather disappoint, our spacious air-conditioned estate rooms won't. All buildings are appropriately furnished in a style reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties.

Stress-free planning of a stress-free engagement party

Usually, the only downside to an engagement party is the planning. The checklist can be baffling, and the longer in advance you prepare the event, the more elements seem to be added to it. Let us help you with picking the date, deciding whether guests should already bring a present or not, sending the invitations, deciding on the decorations and centrepieces, planning the menu, thinking of games to play, and many more things.

Glengariff Historic Estate was built in 1888 and 1889. It has been operating as a privately-owned function and wedding venue since 1999, making it one of the most experienced engagement venues in Brisbane and surrounds. We offer several packages which include exactly what you need. Contact us to find out what every package includes, so that you can ensure you and your guests enjoy the highest service in a magnificent setting, feeling utterly at ease.

To get an idea of how beautiful Glengariff is, do browse the pictures on our website, or follow us on Facebook. Our customers are enthusiastic, and invariably commend us for the work we do for them (though we enjoy it so much, we hardly consider it work). "Endless amazing photo locations," they say, and "Bryce and Channing are awesome and go out of their way to make your day the best day."

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