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Selecting the Perfect Venue: Garden, Homestead or Country Style Wedding Venues in QLD

The nervousness, the question, and the ring, hopes and excitement confirmed. The answer was yes; now the preparation begins. Once the announcements are made, and the excitement and butterflies have passed it is time to buckle down, get organised and plan. You may become frantic searching through numerous venues trying to design your perfect wedding, in addition to everything else already on your plate. Have you considered taking advantage of the natural beauty offered by a garden, homestead, or countryside setting?

A Secret Garden (Wedding)

How do you describe a garden? There is no wrong way, because each garden has its own personality, from the fragrance of the flowers, to the vivid colour and different shades of green, to the busy bees buzzing between blossoms. One garden may be precisely planned; another may be only native plants, others only flowering plants. Different layouts may include fountains, creeks, or small waterfalls. Fencing, paths, and small sitting areas also enhance the garden experience. Garden variety creates the opportunity to discover the scene that lights you up on the inside, a locale that makes your body scream, yes!

Just as each garden is different, each couple is different; therefore, our 230-acre estate provides the perfect backdrop for your personalised garden wedding experience. Host a bridal luncheon or tea in one of our garden rooms, enjoy the ceremony outside surrounded by QLD’s scenic beauty and let us provide the small touches to create the optimal garden wedding venue for your event.

Keep the setting light; add splashes of colour to offset numerous shades of green or use neutral tones if your garden contains exciting colours. Centrepieces and table settings can be simple yet elegant. Use modern trends and twists on the classic styles to build your wedding vision.

A Convenient Country Style Venue in QLD

Imagine using the beautiful QLD countryside as your wedding venue. Take advantage of the open fields, blue skies, and rolling hills. Country style weddings are generally more casual, include an outdoor component and may use barns or awnings to create a rustic look. The homestead at Glengariff is a charming location that provides a down-home feel, with photo-locations for every request. A lake, jetty, and rustic barn are all available for your use on our estate, among other venues to provide the exact style you desire.

To add additional flair, you can hire a bluegrass or country band, select linen dresses and slacks over tuxedos and gowns even include or wear cowboy hats and boots. A consistent colour theme will help pull the event together, despite the relaxed atmosphere. A major perk is with a country style wedding you get to choose the degree of chic or comfortable.

The Glengariff Historic Estate is conveniently located in QLD just a short drive from Brisbane. Our convenience will allow you to enjoy the feeling of a destination wedding without a travel headache and the expensive price tag. Visit our website or call us on 07 3425 1299 to speak with us about your garden or country style wedding.

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