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Choosing Wedding Venues? Hire a Beautiful, Historic Property and Private Residence as a Venue for a Brisbane Wedding Today!

The Glengariff Historic Estate has been in our family since 1876. Six generations of family have grown up, fallen in and out of love, moved away and returned, been married, had and raised kids and passed on the family heritage to the next generation on these grounds. Our strong family bonds and family background provides us with the experience and opportunity to create your dream wedding.

Step back in time when you visit the award-winning Glengariff Estate; one of the oldest privately-owned venues located just outside Brisbane. Here, you and your guests will enjoy exclusive property use for your wedding and reception. This selective access allows you to deliver a truly intimate and memorable event for you and your guests.

A Private Residence as a Picturesque Wedding Venue in Brisbane

Picture yourself staring into the vast countryside without the hustle and noise from the city, observe the areas natural beauty. The ambiance, elegance, and class of our Historic Estate provides photo opportunities for every taste, with nearly endless photography location options; including the residence, garden rooms, vineyards, lakes and waterfalls, rustic barns, and classical stone arbours.

Our private residence is the optimal setting for the entire wedding party, family and friends to venture into a lavish world with an elegant house and stunning grounds to explore. It is our pleasure to treat all our guests to the highest levels of service and extravagance. The countryside’s natural beauty with its breathtaking views is one of the reasons our family has lived and worked here for 140 years. You are invited to experience true luxury at an award-winning private wedding venue just outside Brisbane.

Hire the right Private Property for your Brisbane Wedding

Glengariff Historic Estate began operating as a for hire wedding venue in 1999. We host about 150 wedding ceremonies and receptions a year. We understand the numerous challenges and decisions that come with planning a wedding; at Glengariff we wish to reduce your wedding planning burden. Our Estate is a full-service venue that is available to host both your ceremony and reception. We offer packages to fit every couple’s needs, with the option to customise so that every couple can experience their dream wedding.

We provide our visitors with a truly private experience; as we only reserve one event on the grounds at a time, ensuring your entire party can celebrate without disturbing or being disturbed by neighbouring events. We also ensure your favourite photo locations will be available at any time. Take a deep breath and imagine your wedding day: scenic views in every direction, family and friends laughing and smiling enjoying the festivities, delicious food and a full staff waiting to cater to your every need.

At Glengariff Historic Estate, we offer you the highest service and care, catering to your needs leading up to and throughout your wedding date. We are just a short drive outside of Brisbane. Visit our website or call us on 07 3425 1299 to discover how we can help you create the fairytale wedding you desire.

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